Keystone Advisors

A Keystone CFO brings to your business CFO-level skills on a buy-in basis. Our experience is that most SME's are not of a scale to afford a full-time CFO but would benefit from the skills that a CFO can bring to your business. Each Keystone CFO has over 15 years of senior financial management experience. Keystone CFO's have a practical edge. They have worked in medium to large companies as chief financial officers who have been in the trenches with their employers. We believe your business is unique and our experienced team can add value to your business. Consider the option of engaging a virtual CFO - a trusted financial and commercial partner to help you guide your business. Contact a Keystone CFO for a obligation-free discussion and financial health check. 

Real life examples:

Crisis Management
Company A experienced a downturn in sales and did not meet its debt covenant with the bank. The Managing Director was caught by surprise as the financial reports did not indicate any issues. The Keystone CFO mobilised a plan to review cash flows and alternate scenarios, established quick trust and positive communication with the bank, reviewed key product lines and worked with the business to create a business plan that reduced costs, deferred certain projects, optimised cash flows, presented funding options to the owners and managed a capital raising to address the bank's concerns.

High Growth
Company B is experiencing high growth and is spending rapidly and in a reactionary manner to the demands of several business priorities. All the expenditure appears justifiable in the light of revenue growth however the company is starting to lose its grip on priorities and profitability. The Keystone CFO comes into the business to help the CEO translate the various initiatives into a cohesive financial plan and assess the merits of each initiative in a commercial and objective manner.

Potential Acquisition
Company C has been presented with an opportunity to buy a competitor. The proposed sale had high appeal from a competitive and strategic stand point but the price appeared to be excessive. The Keystone CFO examined the proposed acquisition and highlighted various issues which included: declining sales, staff turnover, risk of customer churn. A proper due diligence was conducted on the seller and the CEO was able to understand the financial and commercial risks in a clearer light. The CEO was able to negotiate price from a realistic starting point, 50% below the initial asking price.

Project Control
Company D issued building contracts in excess of $50 million to several contractors. The project launched without any up-front thinking into financial controls and reporting. Inadequate controls and monitoring of progress claims resulted in cost variations being paid while not approved resulting a material budget overrun. The Keystone CFO was mobilised to bring the financial aspects of this project under control. A variation approval and dispute process was implemented, cash flows were re-forecast, and a reporting framework was established. Financing scenarios were developed to address the budget shortfall with key stakeholders. 

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